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Sleep Consulting for:


Are you feeling sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and frustrated about your child's sleep? Schedule a consultation to learn more about how I can help your child sleep independently and help you get a restful sleep.


Benefits of healthy sleep for child and parents: 

Good for the Whole Family

Decrease risk of postpartum depression and anxiety

Decrease susceptibility to illness

Increased happiness, lowered stress

Promote healthy development 

One on One Coaching and Support

Crib Mobile

What is Sleep Training?


Sleep training is a method that teaches a child how to fall asleep independently. Sleep training is beneficial for your mental & emotional well being and provides healthy sleep hygiene for your child for years to come. Sleep training is not synonymous with cry it out (cry is out is only one sleep training method). There are several sleep training methods that will be discussed with you during our consultation. Helping children learn independent sleep is truly a gift and I look forward to helping you on this journey.

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Our Service Packages

Ask me anything

$130 Investment


This plan includes a 

40 minute phone call to discuss sleep related questions for your child 

Just The Sleep plan

$250 Investment



This plan includes a

45 min consultation call

Family questionnaire

Customized sleep plan

One follow up email.

Two week sleep consulting

$460 Investment


This plan includes a

Sleep Assessment

45 min Consultation

Personalized Sleep Plan

Unlimited texts or email support (9am-9pm)

One 15 min trouble shooting call

One 30 min wrap up success call

Coming soon... Group Coaching for Parents with Newborns

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